Saturday, February 22, 2003

Klein=Little, Dion=Belittle?-Interesting fallout from Ralph Klein's comments on seperatism.
Ralph Klein's repeated warnings that Alberta separatism is on the rise registered in Ottawa yesterday as the federal Intergovernmental Affairs Minister said he would ask the Alberta Premier to clarify his remarks. "I think there is misunderstanding about what he said," St├ęphane Dion told reporters outside the House of Commons. "I am sending a letter to be sure." He called Mr. Klein "a great Canadian" and said he was an unlikely advocate of Alberta seceding from Canada. "I'm sure he is not a separatist. I will send a letter to him to be sure there is no misunderstanding about this aspect."
Translantion-"Hey, Raplhie, I'll give you a chance to take that back. You really didn't mean what you said." Well, I don't think that went over well by the time it got west
Mr. Klein adopted a bemused expression when asked about Mr. Dion's proposed intervention. While he had not yet seen the letter, the Premier suggested the federal Minister knows too little about Alberta issues to engage himself constructively. He said Mr. Dion deserves credit for his vigourous offensive against Quebec separatism, but may not be attuned to the concerns of westerners. "Perhaps he failed to take notice of the Prime Minister's demeanour at the First Minister's Conference relative to health care." Mr. Chr├ętien reportedly made a take-it-or-leave it offer to the provinces at the meeting, then promptly walked out of the room. Mr. Klein then proceeded to read a laundry list of Alberta grievances, concluding by saying: "But I repeat, Albertans are committed Canadians. "I'm a committed Canadian ... and I want to operate in the context of being a Canadian, in the context of the Constitution of this country."
Translation-"Mr. Dion, it's amazing how clearly your voice comes through while you've got your head up your .... Give yourself a few whacks with the clue stick before you administer my treatment." A new blog to me, the "Canadian Loudmouth" opines "I can't wait for Kleins reply. It should be a real "humdinger"! The question will be how much of the reply is printable. This could be fun.

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