Friday, February 07, 2003

The Jesus and Mary Jane-Blogs4God meistro Mean Dean e-mailed me with this story from Alabama
A raid at two mobile homes led to the arrest of 31-year-old Jesus Santana, who was caught rolling marijuana cigarettes with pages from a Bible, Limestone County authorities said. "When we arrested him, he made the comment that `I guess God got y'all to get me,'" said Limestone County Sheriff Mike Blakely.
That might not be a unique use of that thin Bible paper-a quick Google on marijuana “Bible pages" got tutorials on using Bible pages as alternative rolling paper. The thought came to me-most churches are very eager to put inexpensive Bibles (or at least New Testaments) in the hands of visiting seekers. Could an enterprising young stoner save himself a trip to a head shop by wandering into a church and getting a new Bible? Funny side note-just as I was reading Dean's e-mail, I hear Dr. Shmidt singing La Cucaracha. No, he wasn't singing about that type of roach, but commenting on a loud red shirt a fellow professor was wearing, looking like something from a mariachi band. Note-I'll be simulcasting this piece on Blogs4God at noontime.

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