Thursday, February 06, 2003

How Many Divisions Does the Pope Have?-Josh points out the Vatican's skeptical response to Powell's UNSC speech yesterday.
Martino says, "I wonder why those who want to make war do not take into account the serious consequences." My response is simply this: I wonder why those who oppose war do not take into account the serious consequences.
The one weak spot in the Vatican's political bag of tricks is an overreliance on diplomacy. I'm not sure if it's the Vatican's desire to always be the good cop and honest broker or an honest theological application of their doctrines or creeping relativism or a combination of the above. Like getting the UN's blessing, getting the Pope's blessing doesn't mean much from a military perspective, but would give some moral cache to the cause. The institutional bias towards neutrality and diplomacy might prevent a blessing, but some lessening of the rebuke for going to war, like "it's a tragedy that both sides couldn't settle this matter peacefully-we pray for as quick and as bloodless an action as possible." I could agree with that kind of Vatican pronouncement, but I'll be pleasantly surprised if it happens.

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