Friday, February 21, 2003

Hot Nightclubs-Bad things seem to happen in bunches sometimes-we've had two mass-death nightclub fires in the past week. You had 60 people (at last count) killed in Rhode Island last night listening to a Great White concert; no, putting on the Jaws da-dum da-dum in the background would be overkill, Seymour. The band's guitarist is AWOL at the moment and might be one of the victims. The club didn't have to have sprinklers. There was a similar incident in Chicago on Monday where 21 people died; Jesse Jackson is blaming the police and fire inspectors for not being diligent enough. I wonder if they shut down the club due to code violations a month ago whether he'd cry about harassment of a black institution. [update 11:15-I've been behind in my reading-Suzanna properly eviscerated the good Rev-run earlier this morning.]

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