Sunday, February 16, 2003

Give War A Chance-I don't have too much origional to add to the anti-peace protestors, except that it seems to be more of a standard leftist group that will assemble on a regular basis for an approriate protestable cause. One of the groups that has been listed in the anti-war pack is moveon.com; weren't they formed to protest the Clinton impeachment? They are more anti-conservative then they are liberal. I'm not sure how much righteous indignation I'm supposed to have over this. SeƱorita Galt gives a verbal two-by-four (while looking for a lower-impact weapon to use in real life) to the pack of violent "pacifists." Meanwhile, Rod Dreher has this keeper-"Just to see them walking the street is to put oneself in touch with one's inner Teamster." Papa Blog has kept up his link list on today's protest; looks like the usual suspects; you'd expect the anti-IMF crowd to be with Bush on this one?

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