Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Fasting and Prayer-Hour 48-The "Axis of Weasels" and the War Backers-I'm putting that in quotes, for I want to be able to pray for the countries that are opposed to the war and the citizens around the world who are opposing the war. This war poses the possibility of fracturing a lot of international structures and fracturing a lot of people's paradigms. I'm trying hard not to sneer at the mindsets that see the UN and the aribiter of what is moral in the realm of geopolitics, but the US' support for something doesn't make it moral, nor does French, British, Chinese and Russian support make it moral. If you get all five of those countries supporting an item, it will in all likelihood pass the UN Security Council. However, the P5 isn't God. If all five support it, it doesn't make it God's will. Conversely, if the French and Russians don't support something, it doesn't neccisarily make it immoral. Many on the left have given the UN a moral standing that it lacks. I'll pray that people can focus better on God as the source of wisdom and morality and not some secular organization. We also need to realize that everything the US does isn't automatically moral, either. Many of our allies are doing the right thing for the wrong reasons and need to be kept on a short leash. We need to hold our leaders accountable for how the coming war is fought and to hold to the rhetoric of rebuilding Iraq physically, politically and culturally when this is all over. We fell far short after the Gulf War of pushing for democracy in Kuwait and for helping the Iraqi Kurds and southern Shia. We'll need to pray that Dubya doesn't play as much realpolitik as his dad did.

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