Sunday, February 16, 2003

Evening Musings-With exam graded and wife on phone with Grandma, I haveth time to blog. My condolences to all y'all up in the northeast (and Midwest) who are getting/got nailed by this storm. This looks like a real honest-to-goodness nasty storm and not the two inches in NYC and Washington that gets the press corps in a tizzy. I won't talk about going to church in shorts and having to put up with the 85-degree humidity today. NATO finally gave in and allowed troops to be moved to Turkey. The French were out of the military loop, but the part-French speaking Belgiums were just as jerky; almost a Flem fatale to the coalition. This is an interesting line from the head UN nuclear inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei
ElBaradei, who heads the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, said council sentiment could swing toward Washington unless Baghdad convincingly demonstrates its eagerness to reveal all evidence of past and present nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs. "It is clear that the Security Council would like to give the inspections more time," ElBaradei said flying to Vienna from New York. "Having said that, Iraq should not get the wrong message."
ElBaradei has been the really good cop to Blix's good cop. Now, he's telling the Iraqis as the good cop, "these guys are going to clean your clock if you don't start to cooperate, and I'm not going to be able to save you if don't."

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