Sunday, February 23, 2003

Evening Musings-We're going from Stonewall Jackson to just stonewalling in this post. It turns out that one of the young adults in our church was an extra in Gods and Generals; they used a truckload of Civil War reenactors in the movie, and one of the sons of a couple in our afternoon personal finance class at church was one of them. The stonewalling part is Iraq; they've been requested to destroy their Al Samoud 2 missiles and are ignoring the request for the moment. Could the Iraqis be giving the fence-sitters the ammo needed to call for an invasion? I was thumbing through the TV listings (this site has them on-line) and saw American Movie Classics having Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on now. I remembered AMC playing oldies from the 40s and 50s and occasionally 60s; this must be a "New Clasic" as TNT is wont to call anything they show. I'm going to hold my fire on this one-the LA school disctrict is banning validictorian distinctions on grounds of unhealthy competition. That's a hanging curve that any number of blogs will put into the cheap seats.

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