Friday, February 21, 2003

Evening Musings-This might be putting a defense attorney in too much of a box, but some of the slams that they make of the prosecutor's case often verge on slander. For instance, on the news this morning, I heard Sami Al-Arian's lawyer descibe the prosecution's case as a "work of fiction."If I remember by libel law, the libeler either needs to know he was lying or not care whether he was telling the truth or not. It sounds like a case to me, unless the rhetoric surrounding a trial is exempt from libel law. I was thinking about taking some grad classes at USF, but Orlando's UCF is looking more attractive by the day after the faculty union is backing Al-Arian. By the way, the spell checker wanted to spell it "Al-Aryan"; given his anti-Israeli line, that would be fiting. Two cuties-T-shirt I saw last weekend-"Jesus is my final answer and my lifeline." A bumper sticker seen last week- "My dogma got run over by my karma." I don't even want to start talking theology with that car's owner. [Official fact-checker Patrick Carver corrects the sticker-"My karma ran over my dogma."] Ben brings us a New Republic piece thinking that overturning Roe v Wade would be to the Democrat's benefit; Ben disagrees, and I agree with him. I've got some prepping to do for my class tomorrow, but I'll get back to this one later this weekend.

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