Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Evening Musings-Raise your Steyn one more time- he has a goodie on American technology and sets up an intellectual bug-zapper to turn some of the critics into crispy critters. While out running errands this afternoon, I heard a news report on the French heading up a "last ditch" effort to stop a war. WWI metaphors, anyone; the barbed wire of French superiority and the machine guns of dense diplomacy. However, the right tank can roll right over a trench. The French might be trying to put up a diplomatic Maginot Line at the UN. What did the Wehrmacht do with the Maginot Line? They ignored it and came in via Belgium. The French get the UN OK to kick butt in the Ivory Coast, but Iraq's a different matter, eh? Yugoslavia is no more-What's left will go by Union of Serbia and Montenegro until they decide to go their separate ways. I can't help thinking of the Yugo, praised (with tongue so deep in cheek they just missed gagging) in the Dragnet movie as the "the cutting edge of Serbo-Croatian technology."

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