Saturday, February 08, 2003

Evening Musings-I'm getting some Google hits for the Sheila Godiva anti-war protesters; their birthday suit routine was at Byron Bay, Australia, prompting some misguided traffic. Orrin Judd's reporting on this new Marine chant-"When I get to Iraq, Saddam's gonna say; Howja get to Baghdad in just one day?" It reminds me of the old IDF joke
"What are we going to do today?" "Today, we capture Damascus!" "What are we going to do after lunch?.
He's not salted, he's not roasted, Joschka Fischer's just nuts.
"I am not convinced... I cannot go to the public and say these are the reasons because I don't believe in them," he told a European defense conference in Munich.
Everybody cue up Kermit the Kraut: 'It ain't easy being Green." You'd expect the head of the Green Party to be anything but clueless on this front? However, Fischer made sure he was heard on the other side of the pond by making the statement in English. In front of Rummy. Can we call that a middle-digit sal-oot? I think so. I hadn't heard about this one until yesterday-something ticked off Cambodians on the Thais and they ransacked the Thai embassy in Phnom Penh, causing Thailand to have to evacuate people from the city. It caused some change of itinerary of missionaries our church sponsers. Some people in our home group went to Cambodia on a mission trip last year; I have to avoid chuckling when the use the acronym for Kampuchea For Christ and not think of "regular or extra crispy"

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