Monday, February 10, 2003

Cold War II-Item 7-Ameriphobia?-I found this NYT piece on paleoeuropean phobia over geneticaly-modified (GM) foods interesting, Is it GM foods or American innovation that Europe is afraid of?
Tinkering with the genetic makeup of crops to make them grow faster and more resilient, something done routinely in the United States with seldom a pang of consumer concern, is seen here as heretical, or at the very least unhealthy. In some countries, there is an unofficial moratorium on the sale of genetically modified foods.
How many times could a writer use this stock sentence?
{Insert free market/moralistic concept], something that is routine in the US, is seen in Europe as [immoral or moralistic or unethical].
There might be some solid fear of the unknown here, but there is more tolerance for change in the US and more love of the status quo in Europe. There is a common status-quoian attitude, epsecially in France, that seems to say "They might do that in the US, but they'll do it here over our dead bodies." Thus, you'll see the FOE countries continue to stagnate while the US grows faster.

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