Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The Blog at 17 Months-While 9/11/01 wasn't the birthday of the blog, it will serve as a key mile marker that started many blogs. I've been at it for 13 months myself. It's become part of the online culture, with online writers like Glenn Reynolds getting regular mentions in the commercial press and many online outlets having their own blog (The Corner at the National Review, &c at the New Republic, Hit and Run at Reason) or blogesque (the Note) outlets. I was thinking of this quote of mine from June in a reply to a Baptist reporter's inquiry on blogs
Is there the next Charles Colson or James Dobson out there in evangelical blogland, someone who will break out into the larger Christian culture as a theologian/opinion leader? Very possibly, but I’m not about to set odds on whether Amy Welborn or Martin Roth will be household names in 2010.
Back in June, those were the two of the biggest names in Christian blogging; eight months is an eternity. Amy just retired from blogging, while the master Christian blog list that Roth masterminded morphed into Blogs4God and left the nest; leaving Martin as a thoughtful essayist less in the flow than last spring. Now, I don't see a clear successor to Amy as the prime Catholic blogger. Tushnet? Shea? The gang at HMS Blog? Likewise, the crown held by Martin Roth as Evangelical Blog #1 is wide open; some of the pundit evangelicals have a large following, but none is breaking loose as a clear leader. Update: Bene pointed out this piece on blogs from Tapped founding father Chris Mooney

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