Thursday, February 20, 2003

Alberta-The 51st State?-This is interesting. Alberta's Conservative party is actually concidering the idea of leaving Canada. Alberta premier Ralph Klein tried to downplay the idea, but acknowledged that it might be discussed at the provicial Conservative party convention next month.
The issue of separation arose this week during the government's Throne Speech in which it asserted that Alberta's ability to be a partner in Canada is compromised by the federal government. The Premier insisted he is not in favour of separation but said there is a small but growing number of Albertans who are. "Based on just the letters I get and so on? Yes, and it's scary," Mr. Klein said yesterday. "But I can understand the frustration of Albertans over Kyoto, health care, gun registration, the Canadian Wheat Board, Senate reform, the list goes on.
Alberta is a conservative (small c) state province that would fit in nicely in the US. They have much more of an American spirit than most of the rest of Canada; the conservative Alliance Party has its biggest roots in Alberta. The oil wealth would be a nice addition as well. The next question is whether Alberta would want independence or US statehood if they did jump ship. Alliance Leader Stephan Harper is trying to downplay the idea of seperation as well; he's looking replace Chretien, not Dennis Hastert.

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