Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Afternoon Musings-The opening of my MBA Managerial Econ class has got me busy today. I've got a little breather to catch up on my reading. France a "second-rate power" who "set a world record in World War II for the quickest surrender by a world power?" Did someone kidnap Peter King and put a well-disguised Jonah Goldberg in his place? Bob Dole could get a tag-team partner for the Viagra ads; John Kerry going in for prostate surgery. Nah, the chance is only 1 in 10 that he'll be impotent after the surgery. However, that will both set his campaign back a bit logistically and put some doubts about his long-term health in people's mind. Feel free to turn off your claudometers for the next piece. Former Maryland governor Parris Glendening is heading up a think tank named the Smart Growth Institute. That begs the question: growth in government or economic growth? Not the latter, it's an anti-sprawl group.

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