Thursday, February 27, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Mr. Rogers is dead. It wasn't that long ago that he hung up the cardigan. I was a bit too old for him by the time I remember seeing him on TV, but he was one of Eileen's favorites as a kid. I remember her talking about how he made for a good distinction between reality and make-believe, as they took the trolley over to the make-believe land. Funny Google Hits-"sunni islam vs shea islam." Not quite. "basques and werewolves"-Mr. Gil, have any help on that? "critiques on The Screwtape Letters"-no, but I've posted on it a few times. They've picked a 1776-foot-tall model for the WTC replacement. The plan has five towers; I remember one of the suggestions that came up post-9/11 that you have them five towers in a line, with the big one in the middle, figuratively giving Osama the middle-digit sal-oot. Bob Graham's got his paperwork in to run for President. With no one getting out of the teens, he's got an opportunity.

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