Monday, February 17, 2003

Afternoon Musings-It was hot and humid here yesterday; this brings those heat index stats home. A Oriole training camper, Steve Bechler, died up in Fort Lauderdale today after fainting during a run. The "air you can wear" must have did him in. He's got a kid who'll never get to see his day, for his wife's due in April. He got a cup of coffee with Baltimore last September, so little Bechler can saw his dad was a major leaguer. Dead men tell no tales; Ed Martin, who had a number of UofM players on his "payroll" over the years, died Friday, and Chris Webber might beat a pergury rap as a result. Without the guy who gave him the money as a witness, it might be hard to prove how he lied about getting it. Capital punishment might be making a comeback in Mexico, where it's not used on the federal or state levela. Mexico state (surrounding but not including Mexico City) had a non-binding referendum yesterday, with 85% voting in favor of restoring the death penalty. I heard an NPR piece on the refferendum last week; people have had it with the high crime levels and the local PRI (can you say neo-liberal, boys and girls) bosses were out front pushing for a Si vote. This contrasts with the Mexican policy of vigorously protesting Mexicans on US Death Rows.

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