Thursday, February 06, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I'm not as glum as I was earlier in the week. I had a nice chat with our academic dean (who also has the Business school dean's portfolio for now) about my student evaluations this morning (he does this with everyone, not just the ones who cratered in their evals);<sigh> as long as I'm looking to improve my teaching skills and am making steps to do so, I'll be invited back for next year</sigh> . Ben's back from his honeymoon and Patrick's starting to plan his. Congratulations to both of them; Baggy Slims' getting the next-blogger-to-get-married pool going. This is cold. I'm a native Michigander, so I'm still a Tiger fan; I'm planning to scoot over to Lakeland for at least one pre-season game. We're an hour away from Tampa, so I could become a D-Rays fan. Both of them are likely to bring up the rear again this year. I'm still an Indians fan from my Kent State days and they train across the street from Fazoli's on Cypress Gardens Boulevard; that might be my best hope.

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