Saturday, February 22, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I pulled up at 4:00 with my Managerial Econ class; after six hours of teaching, we had reached negative marginal utility of futher classtime for the day, as I tried to explain a cubic function to students who minds were fried from covering five chapters already. Chapter 11 will keep for Tuesday. However, the textbook had some awful puns, with a pizza store owner named Ann Chovie and a Terminator Pest Control run by one Arnold Schwartz. LA got rattled today with a 5.4 earthquake 90 miles to the west east. No big damage. There might be some fallout south of the border with the Iraq war; Mexico has one of the short-term seats on the UN Security Council and Presidente Fox doesn't like the way we're going. Spanish PM Aznar, one of our better European buddies, went over for some arm-twisting en espanol that didn't seem to work. The Bush administration started out with real good terms with Mexico; with Fox and Bush being free-market governors with business backgrounds, they hit it off well. However, lack of agreement on immigraton reforms and ongoing flak over execution of Mexicans who committed murders in the US has soured relations. This won't help. This isn't good. The nasties in Pakistan are going after fellow Muslims; a Shia mosque was shot up in Karachi. There's been a lot of Sunni-Shia violence in Pakistan in recent years. Somehow, I want to tweak that old joke from The Troubles-why can't Sunnis and Shias just be good Muslims and get along? The Klein-Dion scuffle gets even nastier-Klein replied directly to Chretien-"It's this kind of condescension that fuels frustration with your government -- frustration that could be quelled not by letters to Ottawa, but by a clear indication of a willingness to listen." That would be going against character, Ralph. Chretien's got the plaque on his desk- "Be Reasonable-Do it My Way."

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