Monday, February 03, 2003

Afternoon Musings-I had gone over to Amy Welborn's site earlier this afternoon, hoping that she had come up with an English text of the New Age report (thanks to Chris Burgwald for the link). If anyone would have the link, it would be the grand dame of Catholic bloggers. However, Ms. Welbourn's hanging them up, closing down her blog to pursue other endevours. Godspeed, madam. I'm in a bit of an edgy mood-I got my student evaluations from last semester this morning, and it wasn't pretty. I'm not sure how much of it was the classes, how much it was the crop of students and how much of it was me. I'm having to fight off urge to go into put-my-tail-between-my-legs-and-start-looking-for-other-work mode, for I like teaching and I'm a better teacher than those evaluations show. All I can do is try to do a better job this semester. The Columbia crash might give liberals an avenue-one NPR piece I heard on the way home was focusing on NASA's contractors (who do most of the work at NASA), trying to pin the blame on them. At this point, there isn't any proof of contractor screw-ups like the Morton-Thiokol O-ring problem that caused the Challenger accident, but that won't stop the "could it be because ..." pieces from giving contracting out government services a bad name.

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