Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Google is weird. I got traffic looking for information on Canadian bank official Dan Marinangeli. I was ahead of the Globe and Mail piece on the topic. One more empty chemical warhead found; this is with the Iraqis trying to play keep-away. This is one to keep an eye on-Central Command (the people in charge of the Iraq invasion) chief Tommy Franks is being investigated for letting his wife sit in on inteligence briefings as well as not properly paying for her share of trips.The WaPo broke the story. It will be interesting if there is anything to this story-here are two paragraphs
A related issue in the matter, one of the sources said, is an allegation that two senior members of the Central Command staff were made aware of the situation by subordinates but declined to act on the complaints. In cases of this sort, investigators sometimes inquire into whether a commander fostered an unhealthy "command climate" in which people feared bringing problems to him, but there is no indication that such an ancillary probe is underway in the Franks case. ... Investigations of generals occur frequently in today's military, where even anonymous complaints to hotlines can result in lengthy inquiries. At the Army's course for newly promoted generals, students are warned that they are likely to endure formal investigations at least once or twice during their time as senior officers, and more often if a disgruntled subordinate chooses to harass them with complaints that under government rules must be checked out.
It sounds like the old Independent Council statute is tame by comparison.

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