Thursday, January 16, 2003

A Valentine For Saddam?-Some less than diplomatic things are coming out of Hans Blix's mouth-
"We feel that Iraq must do more than they have done so far in order to make this a credible avenue," Mr Blix told reporters. He said Iraq had to either provide evidence - looking at the archives and budgets - that it had destroyed the suspected weapons of mass destruction or surrender what they might have for destruction under supervision.
It looks like mid February might be the time of an attack. The weapons inspectors have a January 28th report due. If Blix nixes the sincerity of the Iraqis, then the US and Britian will look to start something. The EU is making noises, but the EU doesn't have a say in the matter. If this goes to a UN vote, the French, Russians and Chinese could block a UN-backed move, but the EU doesn't have a UNSC seat. That will be the early February fun; whether the French and Russians will sign off on an attack or whether the US and its close allies will act on their own. If the administration takes two weeks to come to a conclusion, then mid-February would be the time frame.

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