Friday, January 31, 2003

This FCAT Has Teeth-You can add this one to the clippings file for standardized test foes.Our local Polk County folks are conserned about too many kids having to repeat third grade.
Third-graders must be held back if they fail the reading portion of the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, even if they otherwise received good grades. Students get one chance to pass the test. Last year, 6 percent of Polk's thirdgraders were held back. But that could jump to 15 percent, said Liz Miles, assistant superintendent for instructional services. Statewide, the get-tough policy on retaining students is likely to mean at least 30,000 third-graders will be held back
I can see the lack of solid literacy in many of my college students, and Eileen saw a lot of problems in English skills in the 8th graders she taught this fall. If a sixth of the kids are having trouble reading at grade level, holding them back a year isn't the worst thing in the world. It might mean that they need to overhaul how kids are being taught English.

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