Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Sports Musings-Ben's given both barrels to the Niners and reloaded-and they have it coming for getting rid of Steve (da Yooper) Mariucci. He will have a short wait for employment, although he might wind up going into a commentary booth for a year if the right coaching spot isn't open this year. If you want to be nasty, give them the Bucs Curse-"may you have to spend a first round pick to get a new coach." Well, at least Chucky got them to the NFC Finals. Not good news for Tigers and Indians fans. The Montreal/San Juan Expos (MLB's first trilingual team) did their salary dump of Bartolo Colon to the White Sox. I've yet to get to see the Pistons play this year. They were on local cable's Sunshine Network Monday night playing the Magic. However, Time Warner and Sunshine's contract was up January 1 and they can't agree on a new one. Time Warner pulls plug, giving us ESPNews and a 60-cent-a-month rebate. I'd rather of seen the Pistons

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