Sunday, January 12, 2003

The Same God?-Comment-section denizen JF Carr asked this in this post on making common cause with Jews and Muslims.
Do Muslims, Jews and Christians all worship the same God? Is the Allah of Muhammad and the Qur'an the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ? Is the G-d (ha Shem) the Jews now worship? I'd appreciate your input on this.
To use the standard quip, they are worshiping the God of Abraham. All three trace their roots back to Abraham but don't make it up to the tree's canopy where Jesus and his death on the cross lays. The Koran pays homage to the Bible but twists it to take away Jesus' divinity, making him a mere prophet. It also makes out Ishmael as the path of honor rather than Isaac. Whether they are worshiping God isn't the question that matters; whether they worship him correctly is. This applies to other theists lurking around our world as well. I hearken back to James 2:19(NIV) "You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder." Just because you believe in God doesn't mean God will save you. The Islamic creed is half right, there is but one God (Allah just being, as I understand it, Arabic for capital-G God), but from where I'm sitting, Mohammed isn't his prophet. What I have read of the Koran has it pointing the reader away from Jesus' divinity (they don't like the idea of a Trinity) and death on the cross for us all. As a religion, Islam leads people to only a small portion of God and lacks to power to bring them to salvation. That seems to apply to Judaism as well. Both religions (when you take the lesser jihad out of the loop) have a sound ethical system to guide the believer. However, being a good person and a buck can buy you a latte in Hell. They may both believe in God, even the same God we worship, but lack the ability to close the deal by bringing people to know of Jesus and the salvation that was paid for at Golgotha.

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