Thursday, January 30, 2003

Morning Musings-Yesterday was Eileen's 30th birthday; I took her our for a nice dinner out before heading off to church last night. I got her a nice pair of earrings (well received) and a replacement lunch bag. However, I couldn't bring myself to get her a card, for nothing even came close to expressing what she means to me. We got a cute message on the answering machine when we got back; my clan (Mom, Dad, sister Kathy and niece Jessica) did a good harmonization of Happy Birthday over the phone. We're in the middle of missions week, and we had two missionaries speak last night. The main speaker was talking about his work in Ethiopia, but the previous speaker was even more interesting; he's a AoG pastor in Jacksonville with a ministry to Muslims in the area. As a Palestinian-American, he's a natural for the job; his dad's a Orthodox priest back in the West Bank. After getting up a bit of bile towards the Islamic world after hearing Wally Magdangal's testimony Sunday of torture at the hands of the Saudi entity, a reminder that Muslims are people who need the Lord as well was a good reality check. This post's travelling over Time-Warner wires, but I can't help but have a world-class bout of schadenfreude over this one
NEW YORK — AOL Time Warner Inc. (AOL), the world's largest media company, posted a loss for all of 2002 of nearly $100 billion, the largest annual loss in U.S. history, after taking a $45.5 billion charge in the fourth quarter. In a sign of further turmoil, Ted Turner said he would step down as vice chairman. The company, which in the first quarter had reported a net loss of $54 billion after writing down the value of assets, posted a full-year 2002 net loss of $98.7 billion. The full-year loss exceeded the gross domestic product of Egypt in 2001.
That sound you here is the smallest violin in existence playing My Heart Cries for You [rub thumb lightly against index finger for proper visuals]. People talk about "another Vietnam." It looks like the French (who, lest we forget, handed us the Southeast Asia mess in the 50s) is getting shown the door in the Ivory Coast. What seems to be getting the French in trouble is appeasement of the Muslim north of the country, with the southern leaders rejecting such appeasement. Could we wind up seeing this as one of the first flashpoints of Cold War II. Susanna has the pro-US demonstration pictures.

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