Friday, January 17, 2003

Morning Musings-Interesting piece on the Vet, which will go the way of the dodo after Sunday's Eagles-Bucs playoff game. We're seeing in a two-year streach the demise of Riverfront, Three Rivers and the Vet, three of the most cookie-cutter stadiums I can remember; you'd have to look at the ads to figure out what stadium you were in. Here's an cute part of the article that should be recycled for idiotarian activity
Twenty-seven men were arrested and sent to McCaffery after the Eagles beat the Falcons on Saturday night. The Philadelphia Daily News reported this exchange between McCaffery and a 19-year-old man also charged with trespassing onto the field. "How do you plead?" the judge said. "I plead stupidity," the man said. "Is that aggravated stupidity or simple stupidity?" the judge said. "Whatever the lesser charge is. I was an idiot," the man said.
"Is that aggravated stupidity or simple stupidity?" Methinks I might borrow that one in the future. Great minds think alike. Check out Monday's Midday Musing and the headline of this Suzanne Fields WaTi piece yesterday. I almost had a Googlewhack for Lieberman yarmulke 'in the ring'

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