Friday, January 31, 2003

Morning Musings-I'm getting some accidental link love from Blogger. The 10-recently-published blogs frame had been stuck at 6:15PM Pacific time until a few minutes ago with a post of mine showing up #2 on the list. I picked up about a hundred extra hits courtesy of that lock-up. We've got a food fight between Episcopal bishop Frank Griswold and one of his flock, George Aych-Dubya Bush, (a.k.a Bush 41). Our wannabe Euroweenie let loose with this grumble earlier in the week
Quite apart from the bombs we drop, words are weapons, and we have used our language so unwisely, so intemperately, so thoughtlessly that I am not surprised we are hated and loathed everywhere I go," the bishop said, adding, "I'd like to be able to go somewhere in the world and not have to apologize for being from the United States." Griswold said the world has every right to loathe the United States because "they see us as greedy, self-interested and almost totally unconcerned about poverty, disease and suffering."
Well, if you get out of liberal intelegencia circles, you might actually might hear the US be praised. The inspectors might just be doing the job for us; they're insisting on free access to scientists and U2 flights (so Bono can see the weapons sights in person) before going back. If we're lucky, Iraq will throw a hissy-fit and allow the US and our expanding list of buddies to say "See! We told you he's not interested in disarming." It looks like both the Hokie Pundit and Ivorians are lactose intolerant, as the residents of the Ivory Coast would prefer not to monge fromage with the surrender-monkeys.

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