Friday, January 24, 2003

Midday Musings-It was 29 on my car's external thermometer at 8:00 on the way in, we did get ourselves a freeze. Well, if we could get Governor Ventura, why not Senator Springer? Kevin, put that rifle down. It isn't quite as stoopid as it sounds; at least he was mayor of Cincinnati before going the full-contact talk show route.
He acknowledged that his nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show could work against him. Guests divulge their intimate secrets -- and frequently strip down to their intimate apparel -- on episodes with titles like "Your Lover Is Mine!" and "Explosive Betrayals!"
"Claudometer Tech Support. You... need to order a new jointroint after that Springer paragraph pinned your unit. Yes, sir, that would tend to overload the system." We've got an Ebola meme in the Axis of Weasels. The PsyOps lab must have worked overtime cooking that bad boy up. I'll have to give this a full write-up later, but Jeb is starting to get down to brass tacks on the class-size amendment
Bush wants legislators to make it easier for school districts to open new charter schools, hire new teachers and even allow districts to offer private school vouchers as a way to meet the requirements of the class size constitutional amendment passed last fall. He also wants to eliminate a law that prohibits the future use of portable classrooms. If the districts fail to reduce class sizes, Bush said the state would come down with a "hammer," with the potential to order local school boards to use vouchers, double sessions, rezonings or year-round schools to meet the goals included in the amendment.
That fiery launch wasn't from the Cape, it was the FEA reaching escape velocity. This is going to be a fun train wreck to watch.

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