Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Midday Musings-Is the John LeCarre, the spy novelist, responcible for this intelectual Superfund site? If someone's in the mood for some shooting-fish-in-a-barrel fisking, here's a candidate; however, it is so devoid of redeeming value that it doesn't seem sporting to fisk it. Both Mr. Collins and Mr. Sullivan have seen this and got out the gas masks. There won't be much new public domain stuff for a while, as the extention of copyrights to 95 years for corporations and life+75 for individuals passed Supreme Court muster. A lot of anthology textbooks are biased towards public demand stuff, so anything written in the 1930s forward are still copywrited. There's an upside for the old-school folks; the current cannon is a bit more secure from modern additions for a while. It also means that TV won't become PD until the 2040s. Quick question running through my mind-what would the market for a public domain cable channel be? Fast forward to 2045 with me. All the movies prior to 1950 would be fair game, as would any surviving TV programming and WWII-era music. The only cost would be a few people manning the channel and getting a slot on the bird. That's what the big boys were afraid of. The SEC is standing in the GAAP; financial reports have to now disclose how their figures deviate from generally accepted accounting principals. A few more of these and Krugman might actually start to like the SEC.

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