Saturday, January 18, 2003

Midday Musings-I'm a bit slow out of the blogging gate this moring. I slept in and went off to my first graduation ceremony as a professor and got to see the Monday night MBA bunch (who struggled through Managerial Accounting and Managerial Econ with me) graduate, getting to congratulate most of them as we were lining up to go in; the faculty wear their commencement garb from their graduate days. I actually had to wipe away some tears as they were hooded. I've yet to have any of my undergraduate students graduate, since I primarily taught underclassmen last semester. They had a nice, scenic setting for the ceremony set up in the quad, with the front steps of the Pontious Center, where my office is, being the dais for the cerimony. However, some chilly weather hit town; temperatures were in the low 40s this morning as I drove in. This Michigan kid though "Good football weather", but the school decided to dismantle the chairs in the quad and move it into the gym. Warmer, but not quite as evocative. The WaTi's got a blog piece up, crediting the blogs for Lott's resignation-here's one interesting quote from it-"We'll have much more access to our enemies and they'll have more access to us. The 24-hour news cycle will be supplemented with the 24-hour comment cycle." F*** Jesse Jackson? It looks like more people than just Cedric have that viewpoint. It's peacenik protest day, and the turnouts don't seem all that great. While the BBC wants to give props to the peaceniks, they shoot the cause in the foot by putting in a sidebar on the 11 warheads .

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