Friday, January 31, 2003

Midday Musings-A few funnies for your afternoon.Graduate financial engeneering class
Prof-"Give an example of a natural hedge." Smart Alec Student-"A Hybiscus."
Said smart-asel is now on the WSC faculty. A couple of additional groaners from our Learning Resources (a.k.a. Library) Committee meeting. After approving a motion, the chair said "The ayes are above the noes" which prompted the comeback "In a meeting of a pair of egotists, it's an I for an I." Three examples of class from His Airness, Tracy McGrady and Allan Iverson. Both McGrady and Iverson offered to come off the bench despite being voted starters so that Jordan could start in what would seem (barring another change of heart) to be his last All-Star Game; Jordan declined the offer. I'm not a big Iverson fan, for he too often shows the seamy-side of modern hip-hop culture, but he gets a tip of the hat from me for giving props to the best guard in league history. Interesting fallout from the Title IX commission looking for ways to reform the gender-equity sports so that it encourages women's sports opportunities without taking away men's opportunites. They didn't come to many good conculusions. I've got a post percolating in my head on college sports in general and athletic schollarships in particular; it might germinate this weekend. United Airlines is $3.2 Billion in the hole for 2002. United just missed losing Liberia's GDP for the year.

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