Thursday, January 16, 2003

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Off to the Invisible Primary We Go-This is an interesting poll, we might just have an honest-to-goodness five-horse race.
Lieberman 19
Kerry 16
Gephardt 13
Edwards 12
Graham 9
Hart 5
Dean 4
Sharpton 4
Graham's only polling 9%, but he's just started running. Lieberman and Gephardt have been in the spotlight for a while, and Kerry and Edwards have been running for almost a year. Graham's just getting started, and I'd expect him to close the gap on Gephardt and Edwards once people start to give him a hard look. The media aren't going to like this much, for if Graham can pull himself into the teens (and he should be able to), it will hard to exclude any of the top five from coverage. Might we, perchance, start daydreaming of a brokered convention?

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