Sunday, January 26, 2003

Evening Musings-Our church was having the kickoff of their missions conference today; we had Wally Magdangal, a Filipino-American minister who heads up an agency, Christians in Crisis, dedicated to interceding for the persecuted church oversees. Magdangal has about as direct experience as you can get and still be living; he was a successful underground pastor in the Saudi entity and converted a few too many Saudis. He was arrested and sentenced to death and was badly tortured before an international stink got him released hours before his scheduled execution. I haven't seen his site before until tonight, but this newsletter page seems to have some interesting updates on the highs and lows of mission activity. I missed the first 25 minutes of the Super Bowl; they moved the evening session of the meeting up to 4PM but it went long. It looks like the Bucs will be wearing the nice jewelry, being up 34-9 as the third quarter comes to a close. Of course, the Buc defense ran on back for a touchdown in the third quarter to put them up 34-3 and put the game out of reach. Congratulations to Ben for his wedding yesterday. He's likely off on his honeymoon. When Collin Powell turns hawkish, we've turned a corner. We're going in and soon. After listening to Pastor Wally, they should turn south once they clean up Iraq. This is doubly interesting news. Sen Lautenberg was hurt in a skiing accident? He's 79. So much for the dinosaur argument. Weird thought-the picture of Brazilian president Lula reminded me of Wolfman Jack. I report, you decide. Listen to this socialist howl, however
Lula's speech emphasized a common global agenda directed at achieving growth alongside better income distribution and social conditions. He called for developed countries to share scientific and technological advances with poorer nations and proposed the creation of a global anti-poverty fund.
Go talk to the EU, they might help you. The US isn't going to be much help.

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