Thursday, January 16, 2003

Evening Musings-Microsoft's paying a dividend? The 16-cent-a-share dividend (about a 1% yearly yield if they keep it up every quarter) isn't going to make it an income stock, but it does indicate that the company has matured to a point where they don't have a good internal use for all of their profits. That is as good of a sign as any that the computer industry has matured, unless it's Papa Blog getting a puff piece in the Grey Lady. The inspectors are talking to some Iraqi nuclear scientists on top of their warhead discovery. The good guys seem to have a case coming together. Are the Saudi's trying to get rid of Sadaam before we do? Much like the Iranians wanted one of their allies in charge in Afghanistan, the Saudi's might want to manouver a Saudi-friendly guy into power before the B-1's fly.

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