Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Evening Musings-Manure, this is Fan. Fan, manure. President Bush decide to weigh in against the UofM in the Supreme Court case. This will get the left all hot and bothered, to be sure. Will they lose some of their zeal to bash Pickering or can they carry two projects simultaneously. Two good pieces from Davie D over at The Ever Changing Selection; I'm with Kevin on this guy, he needs a permalink, but my regular read list is about 90 deep and he need some PT. The first is on Bush's approval rating heading below 60%. He's still in strong shape after the 9-11/Afghanistanrally-round-the-commander-in-chief bounce has worn off. I'm not quite sure on his take on Lieberman-"Lieberman will get edged out by Edwards on one side, Kerry and Gephardt on the other." Do you have Edwards running to his right? The second piece is on confirmation at middle-school age for child-baptizing churches as a rite of passage. One problem I have with that system, having gone through it myself as a Methodist 7th grader, is that all kids of the designated age are put through the system as a matter of course and confirmed whether or not they have a real demonstrated faith in Jesus as Lord. I was confirmed, but being able to recite the correct words was all they were after as opposed to whether I actually meant them. As a 12-year-old, I would have been in trouble had I confessed that I really didn't have that level of devotion to God that the statements indicated. This doesn't bode well for house-hunting in a year or two; Polk County's thinking of charging an impact fee for each new house built. Nothing like jacking up housing prices to make a renter's day. Of course, the past of least resistance for a local government is to raise taxes. I will make a modest caveat; new development does have a lot of hidden cost that otherwise get passed on to existing residence, and there is quite a bit of Orlando sprawl in the northern sections of the county that will require new sheriff’s stations and fire departments and stuff like that. Here's some interesting politics; the Czechs can't seem to be able to settle on a replacement for President Havel, who's retiring; the upper house wants one guy and the lower house wants another.

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