Friday, January 31, 2003

Evening Musings-Derb's upset over the fact that he's played 2,155 games of Freecell. Slacker. The record for yours truly is 14,446- 7,637, a 65% winning percentage; granted, that's over a five year period, but that's still 22,000 games. For me, I find myself hitting Freecell in a mind-cluttered moment, playing a game or two while I refocus my thoughts. Or is that an adult manifestation of ADD? [Note to Mr. Collins-the game keeps the stats automatically-I don't keep track of each game; I'm not nearly that anal retentive] Random thought-Over in Israel, the Sephardic Orthodox Shah party will join any coaltion that provides government goodies for the poor Sephardim. For Orthodox folks, they sure do like pork.

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