Thursday, January 30, 2003

Evening Musings-The cause of the light posting:a morning at the dentist and and afternoon in class and in meetings. A night class will start at 6PM, so I'll be off until tomorrow. I'm sure Mr. Mandela will be throughly fisked for this steaming pile. It's so much of a regurgitation of standard hard-left tripe that it verges on an Onion piece. However, it might be like the LeCarre piece of a while back that was so devoid of redeeming value that it would be unsporting to fisk it. [Update 11PM-Too easy a target-Right Wing News eviscarates the Nobel lauriet from toe to toncil and plays with the entrails] After reading the Mandela piece, you're going to need a chaser to get the taste out of your mouth. You've probably seen it, but this open letter from eight European leaders supporting the US will wash it down nicely.

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