Monday, January 13, 2003

End of an Era-I'm not sure if this is the last vestage of the Internet Bubble, but it's close; AOL Time Warner's Steve Case stepped down as CEO; there's even serious thought of quickly dropping the AOL from the company name. Was it only three years ago when AOL had the market cap to buy out Time Warner as the senior partner? However, the Internet hasn't turned out to be the business gold mine people were counting on and the merged company has gone down the tubes, losing 80% of its merger value. One of the problems might be CNN, which hasn't done well as of late, losing market share to Fox News. CNN's chief, Walter Isaacson, has stepped down as well. The right guy could turn CNN around, but it might not be an easy task. Changing the pedantic tone that sometime seems to inhabit the coverage would be a start.

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