Friday, January 17, 2003

Don't Fence Me In-This piece on John Kerry via Amy Welborn-thanks for the Betty Crocker points, Ma'am.
One of the Democratic presidential hopefuls is rejecting the Vatican's new guidelines for Roman Catholic politicians. The document approved by Pope John Paul II declares that Catholic politicians must oppose abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage. Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry says that "as a Catholic" he has "enormous respect for the words and teachings of the Vatican." But Kerry says that to "represent all the people" he can't be bound by church doctrine. Kerry's statement says that's part of President Kennedy's "lasting legacy."
Nah; he'd be happy to follow church doctrine if it matched his political ideology. I don't think he'll complain if the Pope agrees with him on other issues, but either he's putting politics ahead of theology and/or he's not much of a Catholic in the first place. The part of Kennedy's lasting legacy he doesn't talk about was that JFK wasn't that devout of a Catholic, either.

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