Thursday, January 30, 2003

Bogus Reasons to Invade Iraq-I was able to take my laptop to class tonight, and felt like debunking three of the main fallacies while proctoring my MIS final. (1) The al Qaeda connection-from what we’ve seen so far, there isn’t much of a connection. There might be more than what we’ve seen so far, but at this point, you can’t add that to the mix. People will then make the case that if our primary job is getting al Qaeda and Iraq is tangentially tied to them at best, we should then be focusing our efforts elsewhere. However, the lack of ties to al Qaeda doesn’t make the invasion invalid or detract us from tracking down Osama's boys. The ongoing move to flush our al Qaeda isn’t a job for the conventional forces that will be used in Iraq; the Special Forces and CIA types that will be tracking down the remnants of al Qaeda can still do their work and leave more than enough firepower to do the job in Iraq. (2) Oil- In the short term, a tough OPEC is good for the US oil industry, since it makes their wells more valuable. The US is pledging to run the Iraqi oil fields for the Iraqi people; going back on that would be lousy PR. US firms might benefit by getting oil business contracts with the new regime, but you’d have to think Dubya has all the morals of J.R. Ewing to kill thousands of people just to get Halliburton an extra pipeline contract. (3) “My name is Inigo Dubya. You shamed my father. Prepare to die.” Would the President go to war just to finish the job his dad failed to do? Not for that reason alone, but it might be a small tangential factor. The main reason for going in is to take out a regime that has used WMDs in the past, is actively procuring more and shows no track record of restrain in using what it has in its arsenal. A secondary, but potent, reason is to free the Iraqi people from the Baathist regime. Those two reasons are driving this administration. Embarrassment over his dad's lack of foresight and helping out his oil buddies might be tertiary reasons, but are trumped by the first two.

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