Friday, January 31, 2003

An AIDS Boondoggle?-Responding to my SOTU analysis where I said that the AIDS initiative was a boondoggle, John Adams commented that "How is the AIDS money a boondoggle? Seems like a worthy and noble cause to me..." I have been thinking over that one, but Rob Dreher has the reply for me in a great example of Byron's Law of Commentary-if you wait 48 hours, usually someone will say approximately what you would have said. Here's the second paragraph
And yet, there is serious reason to worry that the plan could turn into a vast boondoggle that could enrich corrupt African governments and the international AIDS establishment, while providing far too few effective measures to fight HIV infection. So say a group of AIDS experts who contend that international AIDS-fighting strategies in Africa have not succeeded because of political correctness and anti-scientific prejudice on the part of Western AIDS professionals.
Dreher lays out the story of how the abstinence-based approach of Uganda worked well, but was too moralistic for the western aid officials to swallow and replicate.

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