Monday, January 27, 2003

Afternoon Musings-We've got some happy people down this way with the Bucs win yesterday. I'm not enough of a Central Florida person yet to take a lot of joy in the win, but I wasn't all that happy with the cockiness of some of the players. I was lecturing on shortages and surpluses in my Micro class this afternoon and used Bucs (shortage) and Eagles (surplus) T-shirts as my examples. I hope the one piece of Buc-related paraphanalia that isn't growing is Chucky window-stickies (what do you call those dolls that stick to a car window?); Eileen got grossed out by one yesterday afternoon on the way to Hollis Gardens. We had an hour to kill between lunch and the 4:00 service, so we strolled through the nice park overlooking a lake on the eastern edge of downtown. That is one of those parks that urban planners have erotic fantacies about. It looks like Powell might have some Iraq-al Qaeda dirt to show on Saturday after a Blair-Bush summit concludes. Tom Daschle might just have signed his retirement notice with this one; he wants the president to show "proof to the world" that Iraq had WMDs. When the president does just that, Daschle better start kissing up to the liberal think tanks and colleges, for he'll be needing a job at one of them in about 23 months.

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