Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Afternoon Musings- Interesting but flawed thought from Josh Marshall on the SOTU
The failure to disarm is probably a casus belli. But what we're looking for isn't a pretext for war, but a rationale for going to war now. On that count I don't think things look much different than they did few hours ago.
Only to the cognoscenti, Josh. We weren’t the target audience; the swing voter who doesn’t follow geopolitics is. For them, what he shared was new; expect the polls to move Bush’s way. Canada’s about to put sexual orientation on its census forms. That will put the Kinsey 10% figure into the trash can, but might give the gay lobby a hard number to use in their cause. Likud was the big winner yesterday in the Israeli elections; the secular Shinui party running on an anti-Orthodox platform moved into third spot. Labor isn't interest in being a junior partner and Shinui won't work with the "ultra"-Orthodox parties, so we'll have a right-wing coalition of Likud and four of the religious parties that will last until one of the parties gets POed at something.

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