Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Afternoon Musings-Back to the salt mines today; got to seriously play professor today, as I got to talk with a student about talking an independent study Macroeconomic class, went to a meeting where an overhaul of the MIS curriculum was discussed and went to a faculty meeting on top of having a well-done discussion of primary and secondary markets in my Investments class. Good reflections on praying for the upcoming war over at Randy McRoberts' site. My formulation is to pray for mercy and justice; justice in that the good guys prevail and establish better governments after the war is over and mercy for the bloodshed to be kept to a minimum (on both sides) in the conflict. This requires praying for the enemy as well as "our men and women in uniform." Flying the Christian flag above Old Glory will get you into trouble from people who's support for God and Country get reversed, but praying for our enemies is called for nonetheless. A bit of a call-out by Richard Hall over my alcohol post-"... I can't help feeling that this is another one where people have made up their minds before they consult the scriptures." Partly true, sir. I have a tee-totaler bias coming in; however, an analysis of scripture will allow for use and enjoyment of alcoholic beverages while advising against their abuse. We do have to be careful in not allowing our desired hermeneutic to demand a certain exegesis that isn't in the scriptures. I don't think I fell prey to that and allowed the scripture to tell it's story, but I did come at it with an anti-drunkenness bias. OK, you're Mr. Bellefonte's lawyer. Do you get him to plead aggravated stupidity or simple stupidity? When you accuse the administration of villainy, it might help with NAACP fundraising, but it doesn't advance the "progressive" cause, for you get swing voter's eyes rolling with that overcharged rhetoric.

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