Friday, December 06, 2002

Snowy Friday Five-Here's my quick take on Mean Dean's quiz.(1) Did you get any snow yesterday? If so, how much?-None. It was drizzly and in the 60s and 70s. Central Florida is nice. (2) What is the biggest snow storm you've ever experienced?-1978 was the topper, about 18 inches, shutting down Midland's schools for three days (the only three-day shutdown I can remember). (3) What is your favorite snow-time activity?- I'm more of a troglodyte in winter; sane people go from one warm spot to another. The one that brings back the fondest memories was watching our terrapoo (half terrier, half cockapoo) Toby go primal with joy in the snow. Chasing snowballs was another of her favorites as was just rolling around and playing crazy-dog in the snow; defrosting her when she got inside was an adventure in itself. (4) What is the largest snow man you've ever built? What were the circumstances?I didn't do snow men much; snow forts were activities for the big storms, to be followed by a Calvinesque snow war. (5)With regards to sledding, do you prefer the old-school American Flyer with metal runners, a poly vinyl plastic wonder, an inner tube, a "liberated" cafeteria tray?The one I remember was a light metal circular shieldish thing, that my 6'4" dad did in by getting too much air over a bump and landing hard, hurting the sled more than himself.

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