Monday, December 09, 2002

Snow Job-When I read the headline,"Snow to Replace O'Neill" ,I thought "Tony Snow doesn't have a background in economics, but I think he'd do a good job." Wrong Snow, it's CTX president John Snow that's rumored to have the job. Unfortunately, he's coming in with the resume of a corporate insider. Here's a biography from earlier in the year when he was Tiffin University’s commencement speaker. He seems to be a Republican transportation geek, having served in the Ford transportation department before going up the CTX corporate ladder. He looks like a better choice to replace Underperformin' Norman Minetta at Transportation that to be the new Treasury Secretary. While being head of a big railroad doesn't bring out too many red flags, his multiple corporate directorships, including Verizon (telecom conflicts?) and USX (steel tariffs, anyone?) might be interesting points of conversation in a confirmation hearing. Mr. Snow might be a great economic mind up to the challenge of being Treasury Secretary, but the resume looks like that of a corporate good-'ol-boy that was on the Bush team's campaign donor Rolodex. He'd better be good, or he'll have some rough sledding getting any traction in Washington. [Update 9:25-here's a bio from USA Today-he does have a Ph.D. in economics and did a stint as a economics professor while working on a law degree. He still has too much of a corporate pedigree, but he might just do.]

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