Saturday, December 07, 2002

Morning Musings-Well, that spiritual chemotherapy could cause you to lose your hair if you tear it out in disgust, like this fellow
16. Which blog can you just not read anymore for fear that you will do someone bodily harm (you know, the way you feel when listening to that strumppet Dr. Laura Schlesshillamainger)? Mark Byron's. It's true. Sorry.
Should I take the comparison to the Dr. Laura as a complement? I think this fellow's still ticked at my Harry Potter piece. Our little blog worlds are sufficiently insular that we don't run into too many people who get our goats on a ongoing basis. If there isn't anything to interest us, we might fisk an article or two, but people who we don't like we usually leave alone. I must have given this person enough good politics and economic stuff to keep him coming back but enough evangelical stuff to frustrate him. Seek counseling, sir, before acting on those angry sentiments. On a lighter note, but not much lighter, a good series seems to be cooking over at He Lives of Evangelism and God's Sovereignty. How do we have the surety of the Calvinist and yet keep the evangelical hustle of the Arminian? If you say that (as Heddle's Calvinism leads him to) God is the one who saves us and He knows who will and won't be saved, it can lead to a lack of evangelism-"If God really wants that person saved, he'll send someone else." Good food for thought. Back to the news of the day-Venezuela's getting bloody, as three protestors were killed by pro-government folks. I'm smelling a full-scale civil war brewing. The Iraqi are slated to give a 10,000 page data dump to the weapon's inspectors. December 7th, today, is the deadline. Seems fitting, or at least ironic.

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