Friday, December 27, 2002

Morning Musings- Two goodies from Orrin Judd. The first was the marking of the thirtieth anniversary Christmas Day of Roberto Clemente's death, going down in a plane crash delivering supplies to earthquake victims in Nicaragua. The eerie part of Clemente's death is that he finished the 1972 season with 3,000 hits on the nose; 3,000 hits is a de facto ticket to Cooperstown, as all eligible players with 3,000 hits are in the HoF. Since there was little chance he'd come out of retirement, they waived the normal five-year wait and voted Clemente into the Hall of Fame in 1973 and also set up the Clemente award for the most humanitarian player. The second Judd piece that caught my eye was on the birth dearth in Europe.
It's nice to see the Times notice that something's gone badly wrong with the West, but impossible to imagine that they'll seriously address any of the underlying causes--big government, divorce, too many people going to college, homosexuality, abortion, etc...
You can add more working mothers, delayed marriage and children as a consumption good rather than a production good. My Economics of Birthrates piece from May might be a good complement. A few days ago, Rummy said we were up for two major regional conflicts. Looks like we might get them, as the KorComms have kicked out UN inspectors. Even the dovish incoming South Korean president Roh said that this let's-get-nukes spree is "not beneficial to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and in Northeast Asia, nor are they helpful for its own safety and prosperity." No kidding, Sherlock. Signs of manure hitting fan in Venezuela; they're importing oil from Brazil. How long until an all-out civil war, where Chavez tries to militarize the economy. OK, you're talking about decriminalizing marijuana in the Great White North and now Nova Scotia is criminalizing teen smoking; not purchasing, possession. Give the kids a doobie, for at that point, teen smoking of either tobacco or pot will be on an equal plane if the feds have their way.

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