Sunday, December 08, 2002

Morning Musings-Landrieu hung on to her Senate seat, winning the runoff 52-48. Ruffini, as expected, has the breakdown; Terrell seems to have lost the turnout war, failing to get the vote out in areas where her Republican co-challengers did well in November. We've got a Saddam peace offensive-he's even apologizing for the Kuwait invasion. Let's see how long this last. Ten days? The favorites held serve in college football, with Miami, Washington State, Georgia and Oklahoma all winning their games. The WSU was big; If I understand the BCS dilemma, the Orange Bowl gets first pick of the two at larges, and they'll likely pick either Iowa or Notre Dame over USC, who has a gaurenteed BCS spot due to being co-champ of the Pac-10 and in the top 4. That will leave the Rose Bowl forced to take USC, setting up a double-unappetizing all-Pac-10 bowl game with one the teams from in-town. Here, we worry about movies bombing; in Bangladesh, they're bombing movie theaters, four of them at one. Not good, sounds like some hard-case Islamist group that doesn't want people enjoying themselves.

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